5 Delightful Marketing Strategies For A Bakery

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So have a talent for creating savory pastries and decided to start your own bakery. No mater how delightful your baked goods are, it’s useless if you’re not able to market it wisely. If you want your business to be alive and kicking, you need to let everyone know that your products are the real deal.

Here are some delightful marketing tips that could make your business stand out:

Maintain your own website. It’s important to be online and have your own website for people to check. A majority of people use search engines to search for companies that they’re interested in. Make sure to have a call to action button to motivate people to try your product. You can also add relevant keywords that you could associate your website with such as bakery, cake, bread and so on.

Let the people know about your passion for baking!

Create an online portfolio. To showcase your talent, you need to capture stunning photos of your best work and publish it online. You can hire a professional photographer to do it for or you can try to DIY. Make sure you have proper lighting to create good shots. Extra tip: Always put a watermark on your photos because online theft is pretty common nowadays.

Share photos on social sites. Aside from your online portfolio, you can also post your stunning photos on social sites such as Pinterest. If what you post is eye-catching, people would more likely share it to their friends or followers which can do good to your business.

Blog Daily. Try to post regular updates about what you do in your business. People love engaging with businesses that share regular stories with their customers. It could be stories behind special orders and so on. Be witty and creative!

Freebies mean a lot. People love to take advantage of free products so, make it a part of your marketing strategy. You can give out free samples of your products on some local events or offer free delivery for customers within your area. Also, you can offer coupons and discounts for people who would subscribe to your newsletter!

Planning to start a bakery business at home? Get some insights from this young mom/ entrepreneur:

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