An Introduction To SEO Marketing

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Every day people are  doing searches on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. Search engine optimization is all about getting good positions might primarily on Google but other search engines, thereby increasing traffic to a website. Historically, this has been done, for example, keyword optimization and to build links to the site, but as Google has sharpened its algorithms, it becomes more difficult to optimize.

It is usually a routine say that more than 200 factors control the Google search results, but the reality is even more complex.Several years ago it was said that Google had more than 200 factors that affect a page’s raking or position and development to refine the algorithm is running constantly and they use of different types of filters that make it difficult to see causation or affect the search results.

The purpose of SEO marketing

SEO seeks to increase traffic and conversions to websites through better ranking on search engines. A High position means that the brand is strengthened but also that entering the customer’s consciousness. A better position makes the website more visible in Google search results (also called serpentine), which generates more traffic, which in turn leads to more revenue.

This is great news for business owners who want to get more exposure and who are considering hiring a search engine optimization company. Be sure to check SEO company reviews to hire the best there is.

Different types of SEO

seoSEO marketers distinguish between so-called optimization online and offline optimization, and these must work together. Online optimization is to build content and text specifically how the page is structured with titles, meta tags, alt tags and titles. But, you just also have the right structure for the site at the page level.

Offline optimization is all about how many links you have and to attract others to link to your site with so-called link bait.

For the marketer, it is important to find out which keyword phrases you should be working with and how the competition looks for the different keywords.

Choose the right tactics and strategy

seo_googlePreviously, it was easy to take positions with simple tricks. More recently, Google tightened their algorithms and it is easy to fall into various filters if one buy links or set up their own satellite sites that send link power (PageRank) to the main page. Having a link from a site that is not indexed in Google or from a virus page can be directly harmful to your own rating.

There are also manual reviews and test protocols have been placed which among other things take into account the rumors, the credibility of the site and the purpose of the site. Google has set up guidelines for how to deal with their search engine and you can always try to get a better position, but with the risk of ending up in the acidic Google filter. In the SEO world, there are three strategies: White hat (approved methods), Gray hat (methods lies in the border area will be accepted by Google) and the Black hat that Google is trying to prevent by all means.

White hat – link tactics

Offline optimization is mainly about link building which is also the base in the Google algorithm. The base of the Google algorithm is PageRank but with all the filters that Google has put on as the new measures that are used, for example Mozrank, Cempertrust etc. Until 2012, it was such positive that create links to sites while newer filters means that a bad link can get your site falling into the organic Google search – serpentine. Link tactics that are approved and works so called white hat tactics and tools that will help you:

  • Improve existing links
  • Competitor backlink analysis
  • Guest blog posts
  • Company blog
  • Infographics
  • Press Releases
  • Social Media

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