Social Media Management Is Critical To Your Branding

Running or owning any small business in any city means that you have to fight and scrape for every customer you get. This is even more so if you’re a local business that doesn’t have the backing and branding of a regional or national chain.

Social media management in Shreveport is critical to building up your reputation and even delivering customer services. The right social media posts and content show the locals residents that you understand their needs, dreams, and concerns, and you can illustrate how your products and services can help them enrich their lives, make things easier, or just solve problems. Posting valuable content that helps them out just for reading it can make them followers or subscribers since they get something out of value from it without spending a dime with you, and that makes them more likely to spend with you when it comes to choosing between you or a competitor.

On top of that, you want to have conversations with them. While many things can only be handled by an in-store visit or a phone call, many might have minor questions or lighter concerns that they can just casually ask on your social media page. If you feel comfortable answering them and do so promptly, then you can show consumers that you care about your business and provide customer service to even those that have yet to set foot inside your store yet.

That kind of social media engagement in Shreveport inspires mad respect among potential clients and reinforces the loyalty of those that already shop with you, so they might start shopping with even more. If you run any retail service or restaurant, then you know that 80 percent of your business comes from 20 percent of your customers.

An Introduction To SEO Marketing

Every day people are  doing searches on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. Search engine optimization is all about getting good positions might primarily on Google but other search engines, thereby increasing traffic to a website. Historically, this has been done, for example, keyword optimization and to build links to the site, but as Google has sharpened its algorithms, it becomes more difficult to optimize.

It is usually a routine say that more than 200 factors control the Google search results, but the reality is even more complex.Several years ago it was said that Google had more than 200 factors that affect a page’s raking or position and development to refine the algorithm is running constantly and they use of different types of filters that make it difficult to see causation or affect the search results.

The purpose of SEO marketing

SEO seeks to increase traffic and conversions to websites through better ranking on search engines. A High position means that the brand is strengthened but also that entering the customer’s consciousness. A better position makes the website more visible in Google search results (also called serpentine), which generates more traffic, which in turn leads to more revenue.

This is great news for business owners who want to get more exposure and who are considering hiring a search engine optimization company. Be sure to check SEO company reviews to hire the best there is.

Different types of SEO

seoSEO marketers distinguish between so-called optimization online and offline optimization, and these must work together. Online optimization is to build content and text specifically how the page is structured with titles, meta tags, alt tags and titles. But, you just also have the right structure for the site at the page level.

Offline optimization is all about how many links you have and to attract others to link to your site with so-called link bait.

For the marketer, it is important to find out which keyword phrases you should be working with and how the competition looks for the different keywords.

Choose the right tactics and strategy

seo_googlePreviously, it was easy to take positions with simple tricks. More recently, Google tightened their algorithms and it is easy to fall into various filters if one buy links or set up their own satellite sites that send link power (PageRank) to the main page. Having a link from a site that is not indexed in Google or from a virus page can be directly harmful to your own rating.

There are also manual reviews and test protocols have been placed which among other things take into account the rumors, the credibility of the site and the purpose of the site. Google has set up guidelines for how to deal with their search engine and you can always try to get a better position, but with the risk of ending up in the acidic Google filter. In the SEO world, there are three strategies: White hat (approved methods), Gray hat (methods lies in the border area will be accepted by Google) and the Black hat that Google is trying to prevent by all means.

White hat – link tactics

Offline optimization is mainly about link building which is also the base in the Google algorithm. The base of the Google algorithm is PageRank but with all the filters that Google has put on as the new measures that are used, for example Mozrank, Cempertrust etc. Until 2012, it was such positive that create links to sites while newer filters means that a bad link can get your site falling into the organic Google search – serpentine. Link tactics that are approved and works so called white hat tactics and tools that will help you:

  • Improve existing links
  • Competitor backlink analysis
  • Guest blog posts
  • Company blog
  • Infographics
  • Press Releases
  • Social Media

Benefits Of SEO For SMEs

Nowadays, companies need to stand out and have more visibility than its competitors and this is where the advantages of using SEO for your website comes in.

What can you get from SEO?

In SEO,  a website can appear in the first few pages of search engine results. With this, your potential customers can find you quickly when searching for terms related to your activity and therefore you achieve a sales increase (or the target desired online).


This is not an easy strategy. While it is true that this is a very effective marketing strategy, it doesn’t guarantee that the sales target increases without proper execution. With this, there are SEO services in Jacksonville, FL that can help you make your website be at the first-page result in Google. An SEO company who has the right strategy for making your website visible than the others is a must. You should prioritize your marketing strategy by using SEO.

Brief SEO tips


If your site sells screws, you will have to write about screws. Make sure to create compelling and easy to understand the content. Some do not focus on this area because they tend to prioritize some other factors such as the design of the website. Using the right keywords that are being used most often has a huge impact on its visibility. You can use Google Keyword planner and some other tools to find a set of keywords.

Usability of the website

The design and look of your website are really important for users who visit your website. Does your web design responsive? Ie is it read by mobile and tablets and other devices? Does the buy button or contact accessible and understandable?


Speed of your website

Does your site load quickly? This needs to be prioritized because it affects the user’s experience when visiting your website

Monitoring and ROI

You have already started to run your website or have taken action that will improve it to what you already have in place. Now, monitoring comes next. Ranking in the first-page result in search engines is not achieved in a week, but a work of months, and therefore you need to create compelling content for each week on a regular basis. Then you need to monitor your website. View the weekly traffic and entry form through Google Analytics, and monitor status and errors through google webmaster tools. Monitoring can give you ideas on how users perform on the web and this generate increasingly successful strategies establishing logical targets for your SEO.

How to Create The Perfect Social Media Marketing Plan


We all know how powerful social media is especially in disseminating information to a large number of people at such a short instance. Because of this, social sites have become a useful marketing tool for entrepreneurs who want to get some exposure on what they do.

However, social media marketing also needs to have a perfect plan for it to work effectively and reap  satisfactory results. If you’re a beginner, this might sound a bit overwhelming to do this and you might lose your confidence in the process.

So, how do you create a good marketing plan? Here are some questions that you need to answer to come up with the right plan for your business:

What should my company aim to achieve?

You might use social media to gain more exposure and attract more potential customers or just for promoting your business.

Who would manage my company’s accounts?

Try to consider allotting the task to a staff member especially one that has marketing experience.

Should my company have presence on all social media networks?

Most businesses just begin with a blog and 2 social networks. Working with a lot of social sites at the same time might be tedious and you would not be able to concentrate on them.

What are the best social networks for small businesses?

This actually depends on your target market on which social sites they usually frequent. You could go with a visual-based site or a text-based site.

How often should I post new content?
It’s a good habit to post regularly for 2 – 5 times a day. People visit social sites throughout the day so, make sure to time your posts consistently.

What types of content should I post?
It could be images, articles, links or a combination of these which are relevant to your business.

To know more about other questions that you need to ask, check out the video below:

12 Mistakes An Entrepreneur Can Avoid


In starting a business, we sometimes tend to be overpowered by our emotions that could influence what we do. There are some occasions that we think we’re creating the right decisions or goals but end up messing our whole business. However, mistakes are part of the process and what we can do it to charge them to our experience to be able to do better.

Here are some great insights from  entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David about the 12 mistakes that he made in his first year as an entrepreneur:

#1: I Almost Quit – 0:22

Believing that you couldn’t do it or you didn’t have what it takes to be an entrepreneur is a big mistake. 

#2: Trying to Become CEO Too Early – 0:49

An entrepreneur must know how to be an expert in sales first before thinking about being a president of a company. You need to know how it is to be a salesperson to connect with your customers.

#3 Trying to Take Advice from Too Many People – 3:16

People would tell you about their opinions and it doesn’t mean that they’re wrong or right. Try to simplify by choosing someone who has the life that you want and learn from what they did to be a success.

#4: Not Knowing How to Ask for Advice – 5:22

Learn to ask advises that could make you a better entrepreneur. Ask about what they did during the phase where you at.

#5: Forcing Vs. Influencing – 7:08

Don’t force too much on your clients, staff and sales force. Be a good influence instead.

#6: Living the Dream Too Early – 8:21

Just because you’re an entrepreneur, it doesn’t mean that you should splurge on luxuries right away. 

#7 Trying to Sell Too Many Products as an Entrepreneur – 9:54

Focus on one product rather than selling different products or services at the same time.

#8 Thinking I Knew it All – 14:01

As Socrates said, “All I know is that I know nothing.”

#9: Partying Too Hard – 16:07

Partying too much is a waste of money and make you feel exhausted for the next day. You need to break the habit to focus on your business.

#10: Acting Like a Boss Instead of an Employee – 18:49

Just because you’re an entrepreneur, doesn’t mean that you can do everything that you want like go to work at 11am.

#11: Not Having a Schedule – 20:16

Create a schedule and stick to it. You should work twice as many hours.

#12: Not Knowing the Value of a Business Plan – 20:59

Your business plan should be actionable items and habits that should be learned and applied everyday.


5 Delightful Marketing Strategies For A Bakery


So have a talent for creating savory pastries and decided to start your own bakery. No mater how delightful your baked goods are, it’s useless if you’re not able to market it wisely. If you want your business to be alive and kicking, you need to let everyone know that your products are the real deal.

Here are some delightful marketing tips that could make your business stand out:

Maintain your own website. It’s important to be online and have your own website for people to check. A majority of people use search engines to search for companies that they’re interested in. Make sure to have a call to action button to motivate people to try your product. You can also add relevant keywords that you could associate your website with such as bakery, cake, bread and so on.

Let the people know about your passion for baking!

Create an online portfolio. To showcase your talent, you need to capture stunning photos of your best work and publish it online. You can hire a professional photographer to do it for or you can try to DIY. Make sure you have proper lighting to create good shots. Extra tip: Always put a watermark on your photos because online theft is pretty common nowadays.

Share photos on social sites. Aside from your online portfolio, you can also post your stunning photos on social sites such as Pinterest. If what you post is eye-catching, people would more likely share it to their friends or followers which can do good to your business.

Blog Daily. Try to post regular updates about what you do in your business. People love engaging with businesses that share regular stories with their customers. It could be stories behind special orders and so on. Be witty and creative!

Freebies mean a lot. People love to take advantage of free products so, make it a part of your marketing strategy. You can give out free samples of your products on some local events or offer free delivery for customers within your area. Also, you can offer coupons and discounts for people who would subscribe to your newsletter!

Planning to start a bakery business at home? Get some insights from this young mom/ entrepreneur: